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Northern California Ranch Update

To provide the ranching community in the Sacramento Valley with science-based information.

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Volume 8, Issue 1 - October 2021 Northern California Ranch Update

In this Issue:

  Consider Ammoniating Rice Straw for Low Cost Forage

  Cattle Deworming Considerations

  Don’t Forget the Mineral

  Patching the Eye of Cattle with Pinkeye Results in Faster Healing

  Steps to Plant and Establish Flecha Tall Fescue

  Monthly Irrigated Pasture Production in the Northern Sacramento Valley

  Ag Producers Continuing Education Day

  Virtual Water Measurement and Reporting Course

  Traditional Market-Animal Projects Positively Influence 4-H Enrollment

  New Advisor Introduction

PDF 10/21/21
Northern California Ranch Update Volume 7 Issue 1 PDF 8/7/19
August 2017 Vol. 6 Issue 1

In this issue:

Blackberry Management

Managing Mint in Irrigated Pasture in California

Rotary Wiper Control of Smutgrass in Irrigated Pasture

Consumption of Mineral by Yearling Cattle Grazing Annual Range and Irrigated Pasture

Alleviating Worries for Nitrate and Prussic Acid Poisoning

Beef Cattle Market Relationships

Rangeland Educational Update with Ice Cream and Peaches Flier - Please RSVP


PDF 8/10/17
January 2017

In this issue...

2015/16 Northern California Winter Pasture Experience Varies

Using a Cow to Plant Bur Clover

Grass Tetany

Medusahead Seed Suppression with Milestone Herbicide

Methods of Selenium Supplementation for Beef Cattle and Associated Weight Gains

Comparing Transline and Milestone Herbicides

Ranch to Rail Program

Winter Livestock Meeting Flier

January 2017 Northern California Ranch Update

PDF 2/2/17
February 2014

In this Issue...

Managing Irrigated Pasture in a Short Water Year

Watch Your Cattle Around Oak Trees

New Perennial Grass Tested for Sacramento Valley Foothill Rangeland

SRA Fees Boost Funding for CalFire's VVMP Program

Managing Cattle During Drought: Destocking and Early Weaning

Checking for Vitamin A Deficiency

Winter Livestock Meeting Flier and Registration Form: February 21, 2014

PDF 2/6/14
August 2012

Milestone (Aminopyralid) Applied Preemergence can Control Medusahead

Assistance with Fish Screen on Diversions

Selective control of Barb Goatgrass with Aminocyclopyrachlor

2011/12 Northern California Winter Pature Experience Varies

Understanding and Managing Shrink

Important Facts to Know about the Herbicide: Glyphosate


PDF 8/14/12
Nothern California Ranch Update January 2012

Pasture Aeration Trial
Research Update on Using a Rotary Wiper
2010/11 Northern California Winter Pasture Experience
Effects of Heavy Grazing on Tarweed ann Vinegarweed
Controlling Wire Grass in Irrigated Pastures
A Method to Implement Crossbreeding

PDF 2/10/12
August 2009 Beef Improvement Annual Meeting Irrigated Pasture Clipping Height Project 2008/09 Northern California Winter Pasture Experience Dryland Hay Variety Trials in Glenn County Beef & Horse Vaccination and Treatment Plans for Northern Sacramento Valley PDF 8/20/09
March 2009 Medusahead Irrigated Pasture Fertilization Weaned Calf & Yearling Natural & Implanted Rancher's Guide to Cool PDF 3/16/09
October 2008 - Vol 2, Issue 4 Booster Vaccines Seeding Irrigated Pasture in the Sacramento Valley Smaller Cows or Fewer Cows? Performance Advantage of Wintering Fall Calving Mountain Cattle in the Sacramento Valley PDF 10/27/08
August 2008 - Volume 2, Issue 3 Managing Smutgrass in Irrigated Pastures Drought and Cow Performance Unprecedented Change, New Challenges and Opportunities USDA-FSA Critical Deadlines Drought Sales of Livestock: Managing the Taxes UC Forest Management & Roads Workshops Irrigated Pasture Management and Quality Northern California Winter Pasture PDF 7/29/08
Northern California Ranch Update April 2008 Reproductive Herd Health EPD Accuracy Occurrence of Animal Plant Poisoning in California Fertilizing Grazed Irrigated Pasture Affect of time of transport after insemination on pregnancy rates PDF 4/18/08
Volume 2, Issue 1 January 2008 Euthanasia of Cattle with a Firearm Livestock Compensation Program Summary of Selenium, Copper and Zinc Status for Beef Cattle in Northern California Managing Tree of Heaven in Pasture Sire Selection - Determining Goals and Beginning Preparation for Purchases PDF 2/24/09
Volume 1, Issue 4 September 2007 Fall Cattle Health Reminders Managing Mint in Irrigated Pasture in California Feed Alternatives in a Drought Year Marketing Your Calves on the Video An Introduction to Grazing for Weed Control Irrigation Scheduling Tools New Trichomonosis Laws in California Implications of Postweaning Nutrtion on Carcass Characteristics & Feed Costs PDF 8/5/08
Volume 1, Issue 3 - July 2007 Biosecurity for California Beef Cattle Ranches Water Quality Update Blackberry Management Drought Sales of Livestock Not Just Another Drought Option Making Decision in the Information Age Why is the Grass Green Under the Oak? PDF 7/16/08
Volume 1, Issue 2 April 2007 CA Trichomonosis Control Program Barb Goatgrass - Impact and Control Efficacy of Pour-on vs Injectable Ivomec Trial To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize Cost Study for Beef Stocker/Yearling Operation PDF 3/24/08
Volume 1, Issue 1 January 2007 Individual Animal Identificaiton Treatment of Calf Scours Older Cow Culling Decisions Milestone, a New Herbicide for Yellow Starthistle Entering into a Pasture or Grazing Lease Managing Northern California Winter Pasture PDF 3/14/08