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Youth Leadership Opportunities

Junior and Teen Leaders

The 4-H junior and teen leadership experience is designed to provide members with the opportunity to learn about the qualities and competencies needed to be a leader.  Junior leaders provide assistance, while teen leaders assume more challenging leadership roles.  Junior and teen leaders may assist with specific projects or with more general 4-H activities and events.  A 4-H member may be a junior or teen leader for one or more projects during the year.


The primary duties of a junior or teen leader are (varies by age, experience, and other factors):

  1. Work collaboratively with the adult leader to set goals, develop lesson plans, teach skills, and evaluate activities.
  2. Coordinate logistical details such as meeting times, locations, materials, supplies, and expenses with the adult leader.
  3. Communicate with the adult leader and members about group expectations, responsibilities and expected outcomes.

At the beginning of the year, the 4-H member and the adult leaders should meet to discuss the project and define each of their roles. The 4-H member should complete the pre-project part of the form. At the end of the year, the 4-H member must complete the post-project part of the form and include the entire form in his/her Record Book to receive credit. Please see 4-H Record Books for more details. 


Junior leaders (intermediate members): To become a junior leader, members must be at least 11 and no more than 13 years old by December 31st of the program year.

Teen leaders (senior members): To become a teen leader, members must be at least 14 and no more than 19 years old by December 31st of the program year.




Emerald Star

What is an 4-H Emerald Star?

Many counties in California have an Emerald Star program, which is sponsored by the county 4-H office and/or the county 4-H leaders' council. The Emerald Star program is designed for intermediate and senior 4-H members.

In general, the Emerald Star project's purpose includes:

  1. Providing an opportunity for 4-H members to develop projects in their community or in 4-H beyond the club level
  2. Improving, creating, and expanding 4-H programs
  3. Helping individual 4-H members grow and improve in the areas of organization, leadership, and project planning

This program is designed to help youth learn about project planning, organization, and presentation.  Typically, youth develop an action plan for some type of multi-county event.  They then organize and facilitate this event.  After completion and presentation of their project, they are awarded with the Emerald Star ranking.

Interested in pursuing an Emerald Star project?

Think about doing a 4-H Revolution of Responsibility Service Learning project as your Emerald Star project! Service Learning Projects

Contact your county office for more details.

Emerald Star Project Application 2019-20

Ambassador & Ambassador Support


Being an Ambassador is an opportunity for youth to be more involved at a County level and not consider responsibilities as  tasks, but an act of service to their fellow 4-H members and leaders.  People in general look up to an Ambassador.  As an Ambassador, you will be expected to exhibit the following types of behavior:

  • Show willing to try new things.
  • Show interest in self-growth and service to the Shasta County 4-H Program.  This includes such things as helping to set up, clean-up at major 4-H events, assisting with awards, giving presentations, etc.
  • Show consideration and interest for others.
  • Have a willingness to work for the improvement of the 4-H Program.
  • Be willing to share your ideas and experiences with others, such as at 4-H club meetings, county 4-H Council meetings, etc.
  • Be willing to encourage or assist younger members to achieve their goals.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be in the 9th grade for the calendar year of the program year you are applying for. 
  • Must be enrolled in the Shasta County 4-H Program during the current club year and have completed at least three years of 4-H club work.
  • Must have received the Gold Star Rank or be receiving it in the fall.
  • Must be willing to attend the State 4-H Leadership Conference in August and other Ambassador activities.  Also, to share information from these events with others in the county.
  • Must attend and have a leadership role at the 4-H Summer Camp & Jr./Teen Leader Retreat. 
  • Must be willing to set a high standard of conduct at all times during the 4-H club year.
  • Must attend 80% of their part of the county events and two events from the other part of the county.
  • Be willing to make public presentations representing 4-H.


Ambassador Application


Applications Due to the 4-H Office No Later Than:  Friday, March 20, 2020

County Ambassador Application 2019-20


Ambassador Support Team Application


Applications Due to the 4-H Office No Later Than:                    Friday, May 15, 2020

Ambassador Support Team Application2020_2021

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