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Ways You Can Volunteer

If you're thinking of becoming an adult volunteer with 4-H, here are some resources to help you see what all could be involved.

Keep in mind, there are as many ways to be a volunteer as there are projects.

Provide administrative support for a 4-H club
Provide administrative support for a 4-H club

Share your expertise with 4-H youth.
Share your expertise with 4-H youth.

Spend a day or a few hours evaluating 4-H presentations and competitions.
Spend a day or a few hours evaluating 4-H presentations and competitions.

Support 4-H'ers as they plan and execute activities & events.
Support 4-H'ers as they plan and execute activities & events.

Help shape 4-H in California!
Help shape 4-H in California!







The adult volunteer enrollment fee of $48/annually includes accident insurance coverage at any 4-H meeting or event along with liability insurance.  Insurance FAQ's

New Volunteers
All new 4-H adult volunteers must apply and be approved by the 4-H Office before working with members.

Process to Become a New 4-H Volunteer.

Step 1.  See our list of clubs to find one near you.  You can also contact Erin Paradis in the Shasta County 4-H office for help finding clubs near you to start you on the process of becoming a volunteer.  Contact the Club Leader to learn more about the volunteer opportunities available in a specific club.

Step 2.  Complete the Screening Process

All new 4-H volunteers must go through a screening process.  Our #1 priority in 4-H is the safety of young people.  We do all we can to protect young people and keep them safe while they are in our care.  When you become a 4-H volunteer, you are part of the plan to keep our young people safe.

A. Complete the 4-H Volunteer Interest Survey online in English or Spanish.

B. Create an adult volunteer profile in the online registration program.  ZSuite

C. Complete a California Department of Justice Live Scan background check.  You will receive the appropriate fingerprint form from the 4-H office.

4-H Shasta Live Scan Instructions

Live Scan Locations in Shasta County

An important part of providing a safe environment is to conduct background checks on our volunteers and staff.  Everyone that will be spending an extended time with our 4-H youth is screened.  Please fill out the Request and drop it off at the Shasta County 4-H office.

Step 3.  Complete New Volunteer Training

All new 4-H volunteers are required to take the new volunteer training on line courses in the eXtension Campus before they can be approved as volunteers.  The interactive training series introduces you to the best practices used by 4-H in positive youth development.  

2023-24 California New Volunteer Course

Step 4.  Approval Process

Once the training & registration are complete, and the background check results come back positive, the 4-H Office will let you & your Club leader know and you can then begin participating in club meetings, projects, and events!

Once you've been approved you will receive notification from the Shasta County 4-H Office.

Step 5.  Enrollment Fee

Your club will collect your annual program fee(s). 

  • 2023-2024 Program Fee, Adult Volunteer: $48

You must receive official approval from the County office in before working with 4-H youth.

Returning Volunteers

4-H has grown in California because of the dedication of our volunteers.  Some of our volunteers have supported 4-H for 10, 20 and 30 years or more!

Re-apply annually by December 31.

All 4-H volunteers must be appointed annually.  If you are a current 4-H Adult Volunteer and would like to continue volunteering in the new program year, it will be necessary to re-register & complete the Returning Volunteer Training by December 31, 2023 to continue with no breaks in service.

Process for Returning Volunteers

Step 1.  Update your Registration

Log in to ZSuite to update your profile and enroll for the new program year.  Please make sure the Family email address in the system is correct and is one you check regularly.

Step 2.  Complete the Returning Volunteer Training

After you complete and submit your online registration profile you should go to the website below, log in and take the:

2023-24 California Returning Volunteer Course

Step 3.  Approval Process 

After the application and training requirements have been  completed, the County Director will review and approve returning volunteer appointments.

NOTE: If you have a break in service

You have a break in service if you are not currently enrolled as a 4-H volunteer when you apply for the new program year.  When this happens, you must follow the process for New Volunteers. 


Your registration & insurance coverage for the Previous program year has a 6-month overlap, which allows you to work with 4-H members immediately in the New program year.  You have until December 31 to complete the Adult Returning Volunteer training.

If you do not complete the training for the New program year by that deadline, you are no longer authorized to work with 4-H members after January 1st.  Once the registration & training are complete, the 4-H office will notify you when you have been approved to once again work with members.

If training is NOT completed prior to June 30 of the New program year, you will have to complete the New Volunteer Registration process for the following program year.

Thank you for joining the 4-H family.

Volunteer resources available on the State 4-H site.
Volunteer resources available on the State 4-H site.