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4-H Clubs Near You

Club Program

A 4-H club is an organized group of at least five youth from three different families with two 4-H appointed adult volunteers. Members and leaders meet regularly and have a planned program that is carried out through all or most of the year. The purpose of a 4-H club is to provide positive youth development opportunities that enable youth to reach their full potential as competent, confident, leaders of character who contribute and are connected to their communities.

4-H clubs usually meet in the evenings or on weekends and offer self-chosen multiple learning experiences and activities. The youth officers run the meetings, typically using parliamentary procedure.

All 4-H clubs must be chartered, which includes having an approved constitution and bylaws. The 4-H charter allows clubs to use the 4-H name and emblem, raise funds in the name of 4-H, and carry out the 4-H educational program.

Individual youth and adult volunteers must complete the required 4-H enrollment process and pay the annual 4-H program fee which includes accident and sickness insurance coverage while participating in 4-H activities.

4-H Community Clubs

We are home to 20 community clubs located throughout the county. The first step to joining a club is contacting the community club leader(s). They are your best connection to find out when enrollment nights are held, what projects are offered, and any further information needed. 

ATTN: The lists are subject to change throughout the year.

Shasta County 4-H Clubs 2023-24