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Club Program Planning Guide


Club Forms


Club Documents  - due December 1, 2023

Annual Financial

Club Budget

Annual Inventory

4-H Outreach Methods Survey

Treasurer Forms

All Treasurer Forms can be found in the Treasurer's Manual

8.1 Club Ledger - Page 46

8.2 Club Project Leader - Page 47

8.3 Checkbook Balancing - Page 48

8.4 Club Budget - Pages 49 & 50

8.7 Fundraising Approval - Pages 53 & 54

Retention Schedule - Club Documents

Check Request Form - editable

Fundraising Approval Form     /    Fundraising FAQ's


Club Year-End Reporting Forms

All forms below must be completed and turned in to the 4-H office no later than September 15, 2023.

Year End Checklist 2022-23

Club Budget    Club Budget

Annual Inventory Report    Annual Inventory

Annual Financial Report    Annual Financial

Year End Club Peer Review  Peer Review


Club Program Planning Guide