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Emerald Star Project

Shasta County Emerald Star Project Guidelines

Emerald Star Project Application 2023-2024


A working honor, the Emerald Star is a county rank and it is not part of the state star rank system.

To keep older members involved in a meaningful way after earning their Gold Star rank. It will offer members an opportunity to explore their leadership potential and can be a stepping rank to All Star.

Who may participate?
Anyone who holds the rank of Gold Star.
There is no limit on the number of members who can earn this rank.

1. Fill out an application form which states the goal, methods to be used, and a timetable to be completed in the following 6 months.

2. Submit completed forms, leader recommendation letter, and an up-to-  date 4-H record book to be turned into the 4-H office one week before interviews are conducted.

3. Be interviewed by Emerald Star Committee and have your proposal approved by them. (This is approval to start your project. Adjustments may be necessary before project completion approval is given.)

4. Meet with the Emerald Star Committee midway through your project to report on the progress.

5. Meet with the Emerald Star Committee upon completion of your project.

6. Present your project to the 4-H Council.

7. Show good leadership skills throughout the year.

Check back in the Fall for the current Emerald Star Project application.

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